The SAGT port is a mission critical customer we provide 24 x 7 on-site support.

  SAGT – We have been counting SAGT as a customer since 2000 with the installation and support of rugged handheld and vehicle mount computers connected to Navis host via an industrial class outdoor wireless network with redundancy. We also install and support KoneCranes Differential GPS system in RTG for location tracking and Siemens proximity based building access control system. Since the port is a mission critical customer we provide 24 x 7 on-site support. view details

Over 400 rugged handheld at Chittagong Port Authority (Bangladesh)

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An industrial class indoor wireless LAN is installed to provide connectivity to the host via Telnet sessions

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At Talliance, we leverage our mobile solutions skills to help our clients adopt the mobility strategies that they need to stay competitive. We have been a leader in providing these enterprise services that can target customers, employees and operations for the past 17 years.

Talliance provides the expertise to integrate your enterprise applications, mobile strategy and system integration services into a truly efficient and effective whole. We have been instrumental in the deployment of high performance, mission critical mobility solutions which have enhanced productivity, driven innovation and led to successful implementations for enterprises across many different verticals. Our clients include sea ports, transport and logistics services providers, warehouses, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers


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